Daily Prompt: Calm

via Daily Prompdoubexp02_thumbt: Calm

Stay calm; such an idealistic and egotistical idea. I do not want to stay calm. I do not desire to be content. I do not thirst for storm-less weather.


I’ll chase the stars with ideals full of vagary;  I’ll cut my heart upon my sleeve and set gasoline to the kindling within thy soul. Remaining calm is all I’ve ever done. No, I refuse to be content in this. Grab my wrists, twist my mind, and break me from this hell.

Shatter my glass, release these prison bars, and let me feel. I demand emotion, I long for adventure, and I ache for the touch of adoration. Serenity is not birthed inside the cradle of a calm heart, but in the ludicrous dreams of rantipole love.


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