Oh reckless heart of mine 

There’s no peace for these bloodshot eyes. passed the dark hours by the rattles of my cage. Oh, this reckless heart of mine;

Oh this reckless beast. Between its grip were the metal bars, pushing and pulling my chest and it’s fists, they were tattered and bruised. Flailing to bend the bar, move the bar, anything to just make the damn bar move from its place. This reckless beast, oh, it screamed bloody hell for the key. 

It has seized my breath between its broken nails, grinning sweetly before suffocation overtook me. 

This reckless heart of mine, oh you damn heart of mine..  you bartered promises in vain…  for if I opened this cage; youd run through the snowy rain, jump every rock, climb every tree, and close the miles between my solider and me. 


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