Symptom – Daily Word Post

Do not poke the crazy

with disrespectful thoughts

Do not taunt the crazy

or endorse it’s victim talk

The Symptoms of the Crazy 

—Installed from a Narcissistic Heart—

The Crazy is Not Crazy

The Crazy Has Not Forgot

The Crazy had been Popped — their life tangled in knots;

Do Not Mock the Crazy

The     Illness      will  r e s p a r k

Lacerating It’s own parts—Sanity Departs—

Her Mind splinters Apart




Author’s Note:

While this poem can be taken in numerous ways, I just wanted to leave a little explanation. This is my personal perspective of the after-effects of PTSD & BWS. No two experiences are they same, nor would their struggle be afterwards. Everyone handles things differently, but one of my positive outlets is to write. Below are some links to explain more about PTSD and BWS, and Thank you for reading my poem

battered woman syndrome

The Ripple Effect – PDF

Post traumatic stress disorder


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