Send me your words? 

Beyond time and reason;

My words commited treason. 

This fight is empty, as is my brain. 

Please send me some words 

To write away this pain. 

#myheartjustshattered #bestfriendshurtmore #anotherfriendoutthedoor #whydoitry 

#mendontdatemoms #cryingonthefloor 


13 thoughts on “Send me your words? 

Add yours

      1. Vague as the hours lost to the shadows of the rantipole child. Called to the wild, an adventure to face. Each lesson a choice to make, the staircase database.
        Will hers spiral in disgrace or
        Embrace the aftertaste
        Of failed approval?
        The abberational misfit
        Who never quit

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      2. change derives from pressure, a hearth of burning treasures. The clever tell her to harness the weather

        Enraged with displeasure she tethers the gauge; Contained in chains the pressure upstaged the unchanged.

        It set her a ledger to suppress her, where her mind reacted as an aggressor.

        Measure her endeavor in writing; the transgressor igniting from her lightning. Smiting nature and it’s control.

        Their goal of reassigning her terrifying fighting. Her soul’s untrained, doesn’t know any better.

        Her pleasure? An uncontrolled gold that revolts the thunder patrol.

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      3. Oh my God!!! You are a born poet… How could you write so easily and beautifully….and you are so rich in your vocab…that makes it easier to express….and also…impress…thanks a lot….you made my day…..regards…

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