How is it 

That you find your way 

Into everything I do

Even after you’ve said your through?

For a man of such power, you really 

Lack in valor. 

Alexander, the man with walls like towers, 

your name differentiates each turret with deliberate exquisiteness:

 the desolate spirit carved from a dysplasia of  alexithymia

The handmade blockade of slanderous stone. Frayed from grenades of those who invade. You conveyed a charade to those you could  persuade.

Yet, I found an alternate arbor…climbed the platonic tower –with ironic willpower– 

Only to uncover

my passionate commander of candor,

 my illicit Alexander. 


4 thoughts on “Alexithymia 

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  1. The nutshell of my hell is that he wa s my truest friend, better than the best. Knew my qwirks and silent smirks… but I fell in love… thus nothing could be done but to run. He felt nothing but an overprotective emotion. That he suppressed with the caress of a new interest.

    Aka… I wasn’t good enough to be more than a friend, in his eyes. In his words, “i dont care about you in that way, and its the small aesthetic things about you.”


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