Security – Weekly Photo Challenge

Security – Weekly Photo Challenge 

20170412-IMG_0630Me – Looking out into my backyard.

What does security mean to me?

Security is a bond with myself. It’s the promise of protection from the ailments of the world. To me, security is the freedom to be happy. It’s the slow thump against my chest that reminds me that I am alive, and that I will get to live another day. 

I have been the pawn, the queen, and the solider. 

Security is a need that has to be met. When my nerves are fried I look to nature to calm me down. Whether it’s a run, a walk… or even those rare moments where I’m laying in the dirt drowning in my own tears… I find my peace among the trees. The blanket of leaves keep all my secrets, and I feel wrapped in Mother Nature’s security.  



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