Lauren Grose

Passionate. Curious. Competitive.

Graphic Designer

So You Want to Hire a Designer…

“If you give a mouse a cookie, she’s going to want to JavaScript!”

The Power of the Introvert

I’m just a quaintrelle woman fuming with a fire of passions. Words fabricate my life with their compelling influence to demand power. The Power to change; the power to inspire.

An Elysian Artist

Music is my orphic medium for creativity. I enjoy spending time in nature to find the beauty in simplicity. My past has inspired most of my artwork, and I love that. I want to take those memories and create something beautiful from them.

Why Graphic Design?

I never knew what career path to chose when I was growing up. I’ve been drawing and writing poems since I’ve been able to hold a pencil. My freshman year of High School was my first teaser with graphic design, and I instantly fell in love. Since then, I’ve pursued my art dream while balancing the demands of adulthood and motherhood.

Fine art has become a passionate hobby. It’s how I bring myself back to the basics. I draw, paint, craft, and everything in between. The sense of relief to be able to express my emotions onto something tangible is inexplicable.

Creative writing and reading novels tie as my third passion. Words have the ability to latch onto a person’s heart and uproot their world. I find myself lost inside books for hours at a time because each sentence reflects like a movie in my mind. Words caress the mind and resonate deep within the soul until they physically become part of you.

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