When We Were Us – Series

Links To Each Poem


When we were us – habits of sleep

When we were us – 2 -Breathing Broken Memories

When We Were Us – Roots

Wonderlust and Us – No. 4 – When We Were Us

Bleed Easy – No. 5 – When We Were Us


A Typography Series

When We Were Us is a poem-based series I am creating. The inspiration derives from the emotions left in my heart after losing the love of my life. This man was not only my muse, but also my best friend. How else can an artist deal with their emotions other than to create something from it?

I hope to accomplish two things with this series.

  • One: to find some peace within my self.
  • Two: To let other’s know they are not alone in the world of heartbreak.


I would love to hear your thoughts, stories, or comments about this project! Did I have an impact on your situation, or have I crossed some imaginary line? Let me know:



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