The Farce of Hearths – 50 Word Story

The Farce of Hearths 

A 50 Word Story

Daily Word Prompt: Farce

How naive of me to believe such pretty things. I gathered these words and they dispersed like shots. Each spark ripped me apart– Right from the start, I lost my heart.

A paradox of renaissance and farce. Lost inside the hearth of your soul;

I burn to watch you glow.

© 2017



I vomit these words 

Spoken like cardiac arrest ;

Beaneath this breast 

Is my hearts unrest 

The thoughts expressed

In A writer’s chest.

Pink – 50 Word Story


A 50 Word Story 

Carry me down as the wine drips from your neck. I’ll wait for you while my lips  begin to wet. Pink and lush, I’ll await your touch. This rush is rough;

woven emotion like heartbroken seas–

I’m hushed from your fingers inside my mouth.

words unspoken.

Loaded & Heartbroken.


© 2017

Pursue Thy Devotion – Short Poem

Pursue Thy Devotion

Short Poem


In the pursuit of a better lifestyle

I exposed a bitter truth…

— a realization, of sorts–

an exposed and coarse

experienced mind at work

The gravitational force

of a woman steering an

unharnessed horse.

This is not my heroic verse,

no, my love

this is a verse much worse.

My quirks are cursed for I am

the first to reverse your perverse flirts

a convert to atrocious work

The psychosis diagnosed as neurosis

A morosis of my ignorant emotions

to our explosive devotion

Psychosis (n.): any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted

neurosis (n.): a mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction

perverse (adj.): turned away from or rejecting what is right, good, or proper; wicked or corrupt

Morosis (n.): The stupidest of stupidities

The Daily Post Word Prompts:

**Sorry about the large word bank, guys! I was on vacation and now have to play catch-up!**


Temporary – short poem 

Temporary – via the daily post

This rock ain’t getting any younger. The edges only sharpen with time. My existence is only temporary. The youth of endless time. 
Follow me, oh blissful wonder. Let’s this summit be our cause. Fight tomorrow and rest today; come lay with me. 
Be my temporary cemetery- 

Where unrequited love goes to die. 

Let this be necessary to a friendship that varies. 

Panicked Habits – 50 Word Story

Panicked Habits

A 50 Word Story
Via The Daily Post


The frantic woman, oh dear lord. How absurd I’ve become. I twiddle my thumbs, jump across the floor, my heart keeps racing, and I keep staring at the door. This habit of mechanics is an outlandish scene of dramatics!

Dinner between friends is not romantic;

yet why am I panicked?



© 2017

Sixty second love – short story 

A Short story

Daily prompt word: None

One minute can reveal a truth that none could see before. Sixty short seconds of sweet unadulterated bliss. It could sheath that sword you’ve worn; that wall you swore would never become torn. 

Yet none before have ever felt 60 seconds like this… it’s madness! The moment your lips came down on mine I realized the crime of wasted time. And we charged forward. One minute to change it all. Sixty seconds or lose it all. 

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