Pregnant & Anxious Nights

Each nights another fight

My anxiety versus memories on strike

Pregnant with my lovers child

If only we could reconcile.

Friends so quick

Bitting lips

If only

If only

Lovers blood ran thick

And happiness was

more than a card trick

Choices happen first

Yes, everything happens for a reason.

But not because God hates you or loves you.

Sometimes the reason is the choices we did or did not make.

You cannot blame the rootless flower for failing to grow.

Choices will break us. Even if the choice was not our own.

Subject to mistake – short poem

I want to scream Into the night

I want to fight

And hurl my thoughts

With rage and crash my Soul

into your wall

I want to break myself And shatter this–

This monster inside us all.

I want to rip out my hair And drink your hate

Subjects to our mistake

Soul mates whove forgotten how to relate;

Assassainate my fate.

End the stalemate.

Oh, my Alexander, lets go back.

back to being great.

Gamer Sex

I yearn to be ravished by you.

But not that porn star type, no, I want the same adoration you show your games.

I want to be touched and explored until you have my buttons down to memory.

I want to be kissed in the secret places of each level.

I want your expert hands shaking from temptations Of my lovely sight….

And I want you to fuck me like I’m the master boss fight.

Anxiety anxiety go away

Anxiety anxiety go away.

Tonight were not going to play.

Instead, you just invade.

My Hearts chasing

the mind That’s racing

as my breaths Pacing

the muscles shaking,

and I’m stuck facing

The black basin

of endless defacings.

The interlacings of anxious embracing.

Darkened Glow

As my world 

Shakes and crumbles

You’re hand catches mine.

Lost inside my darkness 

You lift my eyes to shine

If only the light burnt brighter

Fading from the everlast

You let me slip through each finger 

As not to hinder your lingering glow

Alas, I’m back to darkness.

No fading glow 

No gun or bow

Just me and my desicrated soul

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