Squawking Hen – short quote 

the hen spoke words relentlessly until breathing become uneasy. Though she did not feel better to speak such things, no, because the squawking hen still loses its head the farmer’s blade in the evening. 

Tender Halo – short poem 

tender via the daily post

Awaken by the glow of a soft sunrise Halo

The hues of passion highlight your hair 

As tender kisses trace my chest 
One last romance 

We’ll never forget 

Love me gently &  love me true; 

For the love of war is 

Taking you 

Crisp Lips – Short Poem

Crisp Lips

Via The Daily Post


Twist the top until it POPS

The fizzy bubbles singing to the night

I stare at you through the starlight


Our champagne cannot rest

as my mouth bites it’s tongue


I wish to close this distance

With the crisp wind between us


Though I sip & watch your lips;

and let the night


be the one to lead us.


Polish Me Home – Short Poem

Polish Me Home

via the daily post 


Slam your fingers through the mud

grasp my sides and lift me up;

Cradle my complex body betwixt your fingers

as you gently rub


Strip me bare. Your words cut these walls and grind my corners

I’m lost to the senses within this mess

Each day

more is lost


Each day I’m falling fast

my sense of self

is brushed to dust


you’ve polished

my soul

now bring me home

© 2017


Sleeves of Reprieve – short poem 

Reprieve -via the daily post

​I wear this sleeve of reprieve as my absolution follows you. 

Dress my skin in leaves as my mind concedes to our sinful deeds. 

In us I believe.

 Not this world world of tragedy, but in our obscene reality. When the world misleads, 

Oh my love, 

Have faith in me. 

Your Impression of You – Short Poem

Impression – Via The Daily Post

Your Impression of You

A Short Poem 


If your impression of you

were true.

Then I would not fill this

love that’s burning for you.


A Cold Dark Heart is what you see

yet your eyes radiate complacency;

This impressionistic, sadistic, egotistic

masterpiece is simply narcissistic.


Take the advice of someone artistic–

your impressions are materialistic;

but you,

You are the idealistic.


© 2017

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