Were madness

Were madness

Complete opposites


Total choas

But since when do we settle for a boring kind of love

I want madness if madness means you



Another message sent

To another unknown recipient

More words spoken

Without lips moved.

Endless conversations

With endless amounts of views

I keep searching for you.

Inhabit my soul

As I lose control

These emotions unnerve

The breath that you stole

the absent loop hole

Of pain deserved

I’m alone

While you preserve

Smokescreened reality

I post pictures to my feed

All these social hypocrisies

To please a void within me

Images to be seen, Public animosity.

It lets me believe in something beyond my cruel reality.

These moments are a smokescreen to memories

Shared with only me.

A life left to go unseen

What is a life

Without shared memories

A friends crituque

Pain Love Sorrow They all hit so deep. When I speak to you Please don’t critique Judging my life’s physique. I need a friend who’ll tell me to stay That pain doesn’t stay and anxiety is pushing him away. I need a hug, maybe some wine. Let me cry then remind me that everything is fine.

Drowning Needs

Hellbent on drowning

Deep beneath the sea

Where the world fades and Leaves only you and me.

Forgetting to breathe

Suffocation for a deeper need

Just out of reach

Deeper I creep

Is this an obsession or a need

Slowly killing me

Will you breathe life back into me

Or go deeper without me

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